"You have helped me MORE, in the past month than 10 YEARS of Therapy!!" ~ MaryAnn H. (Entrepreneur)

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Imagine These Scenarios...

Scenario 1: The Overwhelmed Entrepreneur

Meet Sarah, a successful entrepreneur: Sarah runs a growing tech startup and is constantly juggling meetings, project deadlines, and team management. Despite working 12-hour days, she feels like she's barely keeping her head above water.

After Working With David:

• Increased Focus: Sarah implemented strategies from the Emotional Optimization Accelerator Program that helped her prioritize tasks effectively. With a clear mind, she was able to focus on high-impact activities.

• Streamlined Processes: She optimized her workflow, eliminating unnecessary tasks and delegating more efficiently. This freed up valuable time.

• Result: Sarah saw a 30% reduction in her stress levels without decades of talk therapy. Projects that used to take a week now took only a few days, allowing her to dedicate more time to strategic planning and innovation without extending her work hours.

Scenario 2: The Burnt-Out Executive

Meet Emily, a corporate executive: Emily is the Chief Marketing Officer of a major corporation. Her role requires constant innovation, team leadership, and performance monitoring. She was constantly feeling on the brink of burnout from the relentless pace and pressure.

After Working With David:

• Prioritized Well-Being: Emily adopted emotional optimization techniques that helped her prioritize self-care without sacrificing productivity. She integrated short, effective breaks into her day, enhancing her energy and focus.

• Improved Decision-Making: With a clearer, more optimized mind, Emily made faster and better decisions, streamlining her team's workflow and reducing time wasted on less critical tasks.

• Result: Emily achieved a 45% reduction in stress. She found she could complete her work more efficiently, leaving the office earlier and enjoying a more balanced life. Her renewed energy and focus also led to innovative marketing strategies that propelled her company forward.

Scenario 3: The Stressed-Out Lawyer

Meet Jackie, a high-powered attorney: Jackie is a partner at a prestigious law firm. Her days are packed with client meetings, court appearances, and case preparations. She often works late into the night and weekends, leaving her stressed and exhausted.

After Working With David:

• Enhanced Time Management: Jackie learned techniques to manage her time more effectively, focusing on essential tasks and minimizing distractions.

• Emotional Resilience: Through Emotional Optimization, Jackie developed greater emotional resilience, reducing stress and anxiety. This improved her mental clarity and decision-making.

• Result: Jackie experienced a 30% boost in productivity. She could prepare for cases more efficiently and handle client matters with greater ease, giving her back those precious evenings and weekends while maintaining top-tier performance.

Will You Be Next To Get

Your Big Breakthrough?

Dear High-Achiever,

You didn't become a leader to spend all day...

...Juggling endless tasks

...Battling constant distractions

...Or feeling overwhelmed by a never-ending to-do list

You aimed high because you have a vision and a drive that sets you apart.

Not only that...

Your expertise is something that people value immensely.


They're not seeing the full extent of your capabilities. Yet.

It's time to change that.

I've helped thousands of professionals from various fields like entrepreneurship, law, business ownership & business leadership to achieve unparalleled stress relief by quickly and efficiently removing mental and emotional blocks.

And I did it by focusing on my unique emotional optimization techniques that most high-achievers either don't know how to do...

Or don't have the time and mental space to implement themselves...

And that's why I'm consistently able to deliver on my ambitious promise...

I'll personally help you achieve an Incredible 30%


in 30 Days or Less...

Obviously, this is only for committed professionals ready to make a significant change. Not for those who aren't serious about their personal and professional growth.

If that's you...

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But don't take my word for it...

Here are a few of the results I've delivered for my clients:

Kristol, an attorney,

(Managing Partner at a Las Vegas Law Firm)

reduced her stress levels by Over 60% in 30 Days

increased her billable hours by 30% in 3 Months

Kerry, a Retired Trial Attorney

& High-Demand Business Consultant...

Accomplished MORE IN ONE HOUR than a

Traditional Psychologist would in a DECADE

Through Emotional Optimization.

Maryann, Managing Partner,

got more help than

10 YEARS of Therapy in Just One Month

Through Emotional Optimization.

Through Emotional Optimization Chelsey, who runs a grueling and high-demand business with her husband, was able to crack some of the Weirdest and Hardest things blocking her growth.

High-Powered Executive, Tracy,

Stepped Into Her Personal Power to live a Fruitful, Fulfilling & Joyous Life

Through Emotional Optimization

Alexa, single mom and business owner, experienced Relief from Trauma & Anger

in Just One Hour

Through Emotional Optimization

Shae, a professional dancer and entrepreneur, in One Hour experienced a Beautiful Breakthrough that led to a Deeper Appreciation for her work and more Fulfillment in Life overall.

Gemma, Author & Entrepreneur...

"My session with David was nothing short of amazing"

"I've gained clarity and direction for my business"

And many more professionals from all over the world across various industries have experienced dramatic improvements...

So here's a serious question...

"WHY shouldn't you be next to achieve YOUR Stress-Busting Breakthrough?"

Because you can be. If you hurry.

Obviously, I have a high demand for my breakthrough sessions that turn people into Production Powerhouses, and I can't accommodate everyone who wants to transform their stress levels, achieve greater work/life balance, all while feeling fulfilled and motivated.

I can currently take on a MAXIMUM of TWO new clients until my roster is FULL.

To ensure personalized attention and the highest levels of quality service and attention, I ONLY take 20 clients at any given time.

That's the only way I can ensure each of my clients gets the BEST possible result (and ends up as the next success story on this page).

So the clock is ticking.

Someone's going to get the spot... get the breakthrough... and take their stress management to the next level...

It might as well be you.

Schedule your free Productivity Breakthrough Call now and let's unlock your Super Human Stress Management together.

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